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This year I've really been rethinking revisions.  The point of revision is to improve writing, right?  But if we only do it at the end of the writing process, isn't that a little backwards?  What's stopping us from revising all along the way to prevent students from making the same mistakes over and over?  This year I decided to try out this multiple-revision strategy and see what the outcome is on student writing.  I think that they will likely learn more and begin writing better through this process, which will leave them free to revise the paper as a whole with more finesse and thought than they would have otherwise used.  

This strategy seems to be aligned with the Common Core as well, which requires writing as a routine and views writing as a process.  It also works well with my preferred methodology of teaching grammar and syntax skills in an integrated fashion with the rest of the curriculum.  To help make my classroom conducive to this process, I have organized the next several class periods with a short writers' workshop followed by student work time.  This will give students a chance to apply what they have learned to their earlier draft and incorporate these skills on their next draft section.  I am hopeful that it will work out like I've imagined, but at the very least, the added time on revision can't hurt them!

  Getting into Routine Revisions for the Common Core
  Routines and Procedures: Getting into Routine Revisions for the Common Core
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Routine Revisions & Effectively Integrating Quotes

Unit 7: Drafting & Revising the Argumentative Research Paper
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Objective: SWBAT revise drafts to eliminate redundancy, improve organization, and ensure formal voice before continuing to draft their claim sections focusing on effective quote integration and paragraph structure.

Big Idea: Tired of seeing the same mistakes in student work? Nix them with "routine revisions"! And don't miss tasty and effective sandwich quotes!

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