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It is the students responsibility to develop a plan to be reassessed on a learning target.

I have a folder with a reassessment plan available for students. A student who wants to improve their grade will fill out the plan. Once the form is complete I review the plan to help to verify students are doing what will help the student learn the material.

Once a student has completed the learning activities, I give students another assessment to check for understanding.

By making students develop the plan I am working to develop accountability. Some students expect teachers to plan all the activities needed to learn the material at a later date. Since my students are juniors and seniors they need to develop skills in self advocacy.

  Student Ownership: What if a student is not proficient
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Unit 2: Functions and Piecewise Functions
Lesson 15 of 15

Objective: SWBAT will demonstrate understanding of evaluating and graphing piecewise function, operations of functions, interval notation, finding and verifying inverses.

Big Idea: Students demonstrate competency on working with functions on a written assessment.

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