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Because my class of students has so many different levels of students,  I realized some of the students needed this task to be differentiated to meet their needs and keep them engaged.  For one of the groups, I gave them fewer cubes, yarn, and tape,  and asked them to create their fence in stages and draw it on the grid paper to create more of a challenge and use more spatial reasoning. This allowed the students to create the fence perimeter, but it also required them to conduct some measuring with the cubes and the yarn.  The tape was used to create the corners to produce the irregular shape.

As so often happens in my classroom, the students end up watching each other and gather ideas from other people and the process they use.  Before long, students were coming up to me with cubes in hand, and asking if they could also use the yarn and tape.  This challenge helped me realize that because the students had spent time focusing separately on area, that the transfer to thinking about the perimeter of a shape was easier for them.  There was less confusion and students were willing to take on a challenge with less support from me.  

  Changing The Number Of Cubes
  Diverse Entry Points: Changing The Number Of Cubes
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Perimeter - Measuring Arounnd

Unit 9: Measurement
Lesson 8 of 8

Objective: SWBAT measure and solve problems for the perimeter of polygons.

Big Idea: This lesson focuses on the addition measurement of perimeter using real world examples.

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