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In the days to come, a reminder of the fact that group members will report on the work habits and on the quality work produced by their peers goes a long way to keeping everyone on task!  Not only does it support students to think about how effectively the group is working, it also encourages students to do some self reflection to prepare for how peers might be evaluating their contributions and work.

  Peer Evaluation
  Shared Expectations: Peer Evaluation
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Mythology: Introduction to the Reading Plan

Unit 11: Mythology
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Objective: SWBAT demonstrate understanding of a myth by applying comprehension strategies and identify the common characteristics in a myth by citing specific details. Students will work cooperatively with a group by setting goals and defining individual roles.

Big Idea: Prepare students to take part in collaborative groups focused on the study of mythology. Also, read about the creation of mankind according to the ancient Greeks.

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