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Okay, so let me first say that looking at all the pieces of this game can appear to be overwhelming.  BUT, let me also say that it's really not overwhelming if students use the Overview sheet.  Also, all of the work you as a teacher will grade will end up on the Responses Sheet that will be generated from the Winner Tally form, so it's incredibly consolidated to grade as well!  I would definitely recommend modeling this activity with your students first.  My students tried to launch right into the game without reading directions (shocker, right?), and they struggled until I fully modeled it.  When I sent them back to work, it went much smoother.  Throughout the hour, it went even better too, so if you try to implement this and it's a little rocky, press on for a while!  

Ultimately, my students really enjoyed this activity.  I really enjoyed that I had multiple exposures to skills for each student, and I also had individual reports on student progress from No Red Ink.  Furthermore, as a result of this activity, students acquired in their shared folders several documents that I will have them use during their drafting and revision process (like the overused words list).  Another thing that SHOCKED me was the quality of the visual representations that groups created for the subject and object pronouns.  I linked my favorite in the resources section, and I will probably steal this to use in later instruction!  Watching students work through the process of designing these was extremely rewarding, and at the end of the day I had several students that I think finally recognized the value of these visual cues.  

One thing that I would suggest that you should definitely do before you complete this activity is to make sure all students have their No Red Ink accounts ready to go and know their usernames and passwords.  That definitely held me up right at the onset, so it's something I will require the class period before when I do this next year.

  Model the Directions, then Watch as Your Classroom Turns Up the Competition...with Grammar!
  Joy: Model the Directions, then Watch as Your Classroom Turns Up the Competition...with Grammar!
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Finishing OMAM & Gettin' Competitive with the Amazing Grammar Race

Unit 6: Multitasking with Modernism & Research Skills
Lesson 9 of 9

Objective: SWBAT connect plot, authorial intent, theme, and allegory in OMAM and participate in a group game using technology to remediate common grammar issues prior to ACT and research paper drafting.

Big Idea: Students rebound quickly from Lennie’s tragic end with a competitive group game designed to remediate commonly-missed grammar skills!

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