Reflection: Pacing Gettysburg Vacation - Section 3: Application


This is a lesson that can stand alone, although leading into it with Journey to Gettysburg makes sense.  At the same time, the first lesson is the more popular, and when presenting them in succession, comparisons are inevitable.  With their road trip, they have a lot of freedom.  They travel the way they want, make up stories along the way that bring energy and imagination to the trip, and the eventually end up at the goal, Gettysburg, PA.  When it comes to today's lesson plan, Gettysburg Vacation, it's structured. They still have choice, but reading the informational text is challenging, as it's written for adults. They need to answer many direct questions and also keep track of their spending money.  It's a solid lesson, but when comparing it to their independence on the road trip, it pales.

My suggestion for the future is to put at least a day between the Journey and the Vacation.  This way, the kids aren't coming directly off the "more enjoyable" activity.  In the past, the two have been separated due to 5th grade departmentalizing for Science every other day.  This year my team didn't do that, so with flexibility, I presented the two lessons in succession.  Not again.

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Gettysburg Vacation

Unit 17: Civil War in the ELA
Lesson 7 of 8

Objective: TSWBAT use a AAA Tour Book to see the sites in Gettysburg, PA, then write about it in their travel logs.

Big Idea: Strategize effectively, in Gettysburg, there's a lot to see!

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