Reflection: Essay Writing Argument Presentations Part 2 & Final Revisions - Section 3: Wrapping Up the Unit


I love the idea of ending with final revisions that take place AFTER the performance task.  Not only can students use the guidance I've given in the screencast conference, but can also take pointers from the presentations they just finished viewing and evaluating.

I see this wrap up as a quiet celebration of weeks of work with students using the time they have left to make their piece the bed it can be.  I will encourage them to finish any leftover work at home tonight.  

  Why End with Revision?
  Essay Writing: Why End with Revision?
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Argument Presentations Part 2 & Final Revisions

Unit 10: Argument - Part 2
Lesson 17 of 17

Objective: SWBAT present and evaluate arguments effectively.

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