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One of the best ways to support an ELL student in a classroom is to construct a language rich environment. Building a class Conjectures Poster is a perfect example of getting math language on the wall.

What I found most interesting happened later on during other fraction lessons. The ELL student in my classroom raised her hand more frequently and often referred to the poster to explain her thinking. She would say, "It's just like Peter said... The smaller the denominator, the bigger the fraction.

By providing a language rich environment, this student felt more confident, was able to develop mathematical language, and took a more active role in the study of fractions. 

  Supporting ELL Students
  Intervention and Extension: Supporting ELL Students
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Exploring Equivalent Fractions

Unit 10: Fractions
Lesson 5 of 16

Objective: SWBAT identify equivalent fractions.

Big Idea: Students will investigate the meaning of equivalent fractions using models.

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Math, Fractions, Measurement and Methods, equivalent fractions, fraction tiles, ruler, fraction equivalency
  100 minutes
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