Reflection: Physics Skills and Practice - Section 2: Student Perspectives on Studying Physics


Within this section, students are encouraged to obtain and communicate information from a non-fiction text that focuses on effectively studying and practicing physics (SP8). I created this activity, because I want to create a community of learners where students actively discuss topics and consider multiple viewpoints on material as a way of knowing and growing understanding about a particular concept or topic. This lesson is a focused on identifying and communicating important work and practical habits for everyone in the classroom. 

  Making Connections
  Making Connections
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Physics Skills and Practice

Unit 1: Building Your Base
Lesson 2 of 12

Objective: Students will be able to identify best techniques for studying and practicing physics.

Big Idea: Physics is a model-dependent science.

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Science Skills, Science, Physical Science, physics, activity, pendulum, distance, displacement, Archimedes' Principle
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