Reflection: Rules and Consequences Reviewing Creation Myths and Trickster Tales: A Class Review - Section 3: Review: A Look Back at the Myths


As I noted above, this Q&A session allowed me to evaluate my active and passive learners, but more than that, as this is my first real "academic" day in the classroom (being out sick last week), it gave me a chance top  establish a routine with the students, from the Monday Mindbender (noted above) to the class discussion, my students were able to experience the tone and atmosphere I try to carry in the classroom bringing a sense of joy to our study of mythology and literature. In this discussion, I was able to provide positive encouragement in the form of direct, verbal feedback to the students for their answers and behavior, as well as reinforce consequences for off-task behavior and re-focus the students trying to hold side conversations or letting their minds wander. 

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  Rules and Consequences: Question-And-Answer Thoughts
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Reviewing Creation Myths and Trickster Tales: A Class Review

Unit 1: Literacy: In The Beginning There Was American Literature...Creation Myths & Creative Writing
Lesson 4 of 7

Objective: SWBAT cite strong and thorough textual evidence and clarify word meanings through participation in class review in order demonstrate understanding of the key elements in Native American creation myths.

Big Idea: What mythical origins might the local lake, river, or tourist attraction have? After review of the myths they have read, students begin to plan for writing their own creation myth.

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the creation of adam by michelangelo
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