Reflection: High Quality Task Using Notes from an Informational Text to Respond to a Writing Prompt - Section 6: Assessing the Writing


I think it is important to be able to assess students formally when possible and to provide them with feedback.  Although this task is one of high difficulty, I know that my students are up for this challenge and therefore, should be able to perform well.  After students turn in their work, I use my rubric for this assignment to really take a look at their skill level.
By using this form, I am able to do many things. 
First of all, I can take a concrete grade. 
Additionally, I can use this form to truly conference with students. When I conference with students, we spend some quality one-on-one time and I  help them plan on how to better work for their next note-taking and writing project. 
Also, I can send this form home with the students' notes and writing to show their parents what I think of their efforts.  I think it is important that the student and their parents can connect to a piece of work through my eyes whenever possible!

  High Quality Task: Why do I need to assess this?
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Using Notes from an Informational Text to Respond to a Writing Prompt

Unit 6: Modeling HOW to Write About Informational Text
Lesson 8 of 8

Objective: SWBAT use notes they have taken from an information text to respond to a writing prompt.

Big Idea: Use your notes to your benefit; show what you know!

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