Reflection: High Expectations Presenting Your Writing... Plus - Section 3: Presenting Your Final Draft


It is crucial that all students see value in presenting.  I can build this idea by allowing students to participate in grading themselves or grading others on a presentation rubric.  I am a huge fan of this student self-assessment for presentations!  Throughout the year, I really like to do this because it builds both understanding and responsibility.  Also, I like for the listeners to be very engaged with the presenter- I look for that, commend it and try to teach it as often as possible.

It is also important that students not just present a couple of times per year; our students need to be presenting on a regular basis.  When students present regularly, they build up their stamina to hold the attention of others, while also following the rules of a good speaker!

I love to see my students get excited about presenting. Presentation day truly is a joyous occasion in my classroom!  My students really enjoy getting up and showing their classmates their work; it's always good to show what you know!  This creates a culture of student ownership, as each student has a different take on the same assignment! 

  High Expectations: Extending and Perfecting Presentations
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Presenting Your Writing... Plus

Unit 6: Modeling HOW to Write About Informational Text
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Objective: SWBAT present their writing to an audience of their peers.

Big Idea: You've worked hard... now be proud of your efforts!

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