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During this lesson, it became evident students were going to need more time to complete their books and the real world examples.  Because the students became fascinated with searching through Google Images, they were spending more time to find clear examples of each shape.  As a result, I asked the technology teacher if she would be able to have the students work on these shapes, including printing during the next class period with my students the next day. 

This was a task I wanted them to complete, but I also wanted them to take ownership in finding their own images.  This collaboration between the technology teacher and me also demonstrated for the students the coherence between classes.  It was extremely beneficial for them to work during her class period on a math assignment, and then the following day the students had the opportunity to finish their scrapbooks using their images.  

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  Student Ownership: Collaboration With Other Teachers
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Geometry Shape Book

Unit 7: Geometry
Lesson 2 of 5

Objective: SWBAT describe attributes between 2 dimensional shapes and provide illustrations and examples in real life.

Big Idea: Students develop their understanding of the importance of different 2-dimensional shapes by finding real world examples.

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