Reflection: High Expectations Analyzing a "TIME for Kids" News Story - Section 2: Application


I always struggle with the knowledge that many kids, in an effort to finish, do NOT read carefully and try to complete the work anyway.  I typically dissuade them by simply witholding the worksheet until I'm certain they're finished.  I know this isn't the best approach. 

In this particular lesson, I know from experience that it's better for them to have the analysis sheet at the start- both to go over ahead of time, and have as a reference. Will everyone read carefully through their news article before writing? NO. Will kids skim in order to work on their analysis sheet earlier? YES. Can I control it?  I can try, but that's the real issue as a teacher.  We can lead, but everyone is in control of their own actions.

  Reading before Working
  High Expectations: Reading before Working
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Analyzing a "TIME for Kids" News Story

Unit 14: Clarify When You Analyze
Lesson 2 of 3

Objective: TSWBAT determine the main ideas in a TFK text while analyzing a news story.

Big Idea: Read, and then write, all about it!

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