Reflection: Trust and Respect Analyzing an Art Masterpiece - Section 2: Application


As I formed this lesson plan idea, I knew there would be nudes in some of the (especially Renaissance) books, but wouldn't think of censuring.  Still, I waited for the first discovery as the kids leafed through the pictures. Then, a girl started laughing and pointed it out to me like she'd discovered this crazy error on my part for allowing its availability. I didn't react and said, "You can handle it." Kids just aren't exposed (no pun intended) to art as much as they ought to be.  She said she was uncomfortable, so I suggested she just choose a different painting, and that was all. There were a few other instances of students trying to conceal laughter or racing over to a friend with the "naked" book, but nothing chaotic.  I decided from the beginning to avoid mentioning that they may see nudes. It could be distracting, and some would totally concentrate their efforts on finding nude paintings, for sure.  I like the way I went about it. 

  Oh, no! Nudes!
  Trust and Respect: Oh, no! Nudes!
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Analyzing an Art Masterpiece

Unit 14: Clarify When You Analyze
Lesson 1 of 3

Objective: TSWBAT select and analyze a masterpiece painting and write a short biography of the artist.

Big Idea: Who is the artist who caught my eye and tell me about that painting!

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