Reflection: Complex Tasks Renovate a Park by Applying Radicals and Formulas - Section 3: Partner Work


Even relatively simple tasks can have hidden complexity. For example, in this activity several students miscalculated the perimeter of the whole infield by making the mistake of multiplying the perimeter of one half of the infield by 2.  This method works with area but not with perimeter.  I show the common mistake in the resources of this section. 

  Complex Tasks: When students overgeneralize a process...
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Renovate a Park by Applying Radicals and Formulas

Unit 5: Radical Expressions, Equations, and Rational Exponents
Lesson 6 of 11

Objective: SWBAT to solve geometric formulas, some involving squares, and square roots to determine certain dimensions to build a park using their algebra skills.

Big Idea: The main purpose of this lesson is for students to solve real world problems that require problem solving skills and perseverance.

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Math, Algebra, real world, master teacher project, Renovate a Park, Dimensions of Geometric Shapes, equilateral triangle, baseball field, problem solving skills, Algebra 1, radicals
  55 minutes
park renovation
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