Reflection: Connection to Prior Knowledge First Steps in the Scientific Method - Section 1: Hook - Careful Observations


This video clip, The Devil Is In The Details explains why I place such value on my students taking the time to make careful observations in the lab.  The activity itself is not related to the Biology curriculum, but the lesson of slowing down the discovery process to analyze the situation/data and formulate keen observations is a skill that will be useful as we progress through this course.

  Connection to Prior Knowledge: The Devil Is In The Details
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First Steps in the Scientific Method

Unit 1: Biology Essentials - Starting Your Year Off Right!
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Objective: SWBAT identify and apply the steps of the scientific method to sample scenarios. RST RST.3.9-10 - Reading for Science and Technical Subjects

Big Idea: The scientific method is a formal technique to address all laboratory inquiries from the most simple to the most complex. This lesson will introduce the steps of the scientific method and enable students to become familiar with the associated terminology.

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