Reflection: Intervention and Extension What does my character REALLY want? - Section 2: Independent Reading


Students can determine what a character wants in an easier text.  Even wordless picture books lend themselves to this activity.  For example, I pulled up two students who had written anything on their paper and I used a mentor text to teach them how to grow theories about the character.  I chose The Snowman by Raymond Briggs and let the students practice the skill with this book.  The students used their visual skills to "read" the beginning of the book (pages 1-9).  I asked them to  tell me what was going on in the story on each page.  Then I asked each of them, "What do you think the little boy really wants?"  The students generated several ideas such as "He wants to be friends with the snowman and "He wants to share things with the snowman".  Then I asked them to tell me how he knew that.  The students pointed to the pictures that supported their theories of what the little boy wanted.

After we worked together in the wordless picture book, I asked one student  practice the skill in his graphic novels.  The text was a little hard for him- but he was able to get the gist of the story by using the pictures and complete the handout.

For the second student, I gave him the book Owl Moon  by Jane Yolen and asked him to read it and see if he could use the same set of skills in The Snowman and apply it in this book.  I told him, it is even going to be easier- because now you have the author's words AND the pictures to figure out what is going on.

Both of these students have IEPS, and the special ed teacher was able to then support them further with writing their main idea sentence and evidence from the texts. 

  Intervention and Extension: Supporting students with a easier texts
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What does my character REALLY want?

Unit 3: Skills and Strategies
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Objective: SWBAT identify character motivation by paying attention to what characters say and do.

Big Idea: Students will grow theories and cite evidence about their characters

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