Reflection: Rigor Poetry: Analysis with Half-Hanged Mary - Section 3: Student Work Time


On the front page of this student's annotated poem, she did two things that really amazed me.  First, her question at the top of the page.  She asked what it is about the woman and her reproductive organs and fruit.  I particularly like this comment because I can tell she is making a leap to allusion.  The same with her comment at the bottom regarding Sylvia Plath.  When a student can realize that an author is alluding to something the student has read or heard before, I am a happy teacher!

  Magic happened today!
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Poetry: Analysis with Half-Hanged Mary

Unit 13: Reading The Soul: The Personal Essay and Poetry
Lesson 1 of 4

Objective: SWBAT comprehend poems in the complexity band by reading a poem and analyzing it.

Big Idea: Poetry made easy!

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