Reflection: Checks for Understanding Writing: Building An Argument - Section 3: Closure--How did you do today?


Often times I will feel like I rocked a lesson.  I feel really good about the day, my teaching, the material, etc., and then I give a formative assessment like this one and realize that half my students don't feel the same way I do.  However, sometimes, like today, it works the other way and it is awesome!  As I circulated the room, I wasn't exactly sure about my 3rd hour class.  They are shy and withdrawn.  They make it tough for me to get a feel for how they are doing.  After this formative assessment check in, I felt much better.  All but four students said they were "Cool as a cucumber," and four students listed their name under "Onward."  I was surprised and asked them about it.  A very shy girl explained that she just doesn't usually have teachers who want to talk to her individually and she didn't know what to say when I was conferring with them.  Oh gosh.  That makes sense.  It is early in the year, but I have some work to do!

  Formative Assessment rules my world
  Checks for Understanding: Formative Assessment rules my world
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Writing: Building An Argument

Unit 11: Introducing The Building Blocks of Argumentation
Lesson 9 of 10

Objective: SWBAT support claims in analysis of topics using valid reasoning by writing a persuasive letter.

Big Idea: Students need time to write, write and write some more

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