Reflection: Positive Reinforcement Poetry: Imagery in “Words” - Section 1: Acitvator: "Knots on a Counting Rope"


The story and poem chosen for this lesson do double duty. Not only are they great examples of an author's ability to write in a way that appeals to the reader's senses, but they also teach important life lessons. The warmth and compassion that exists between the the grandfather and his grandson in Knots on a Counting Rope provide the strength and encouragement the young boy needs to experience a full life even though he is blind. From this we contemplate the acceptance we get from others and how we can be supportive of those around us. The poem "Words" gives each of us a chance to consider the importance of thinking before speaking. When teaching this lesson be sure to take advantage of its community building aspects.

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Poetry: Imagery in “Words”

Unit 10: Poetry
Lesson 7 of 16

Objective: Identify and apply knowledge of imagery to find meaning in poetry.

Big Idea: Poets often use imagery to help readers create pictures of words.

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