Reflection: Accountability Dear Mrs. Kanthack: A letter from students about mastering Division Standards - Section 2: Discussing our Work: Critiquing our progress


For the word problems, I have been reinforcing that they need to write equations FIRST! It is really hard for them to not want to just solve first. I relate the equation to a road map or Garmin because it shows us the way. Without it, we get lost. CCSS 4.OA.A.3 expects that we develop equations with variables, and logically, students need to learn to do this before they solve. But it isn't what is happening and it became apparent in this discussion! These types of discussions really bring out what I need to reinforce prior to a test.

Monitoring and taking responsibility for learning is in the forefront of my teaching style. Homework is not graded in my classroom as a letter grade or grade book grade. Only quizzes and tests go in the grade book. Therefore, homework is an opportunity to learn from our practice. To me, this is crucial to mastering standards.

Our classroom environment has been set up so that students feel comfortable taking risks. We can talk about our mistakes, search out what we have done wrong and often another classmate will offer advice, or say that they were doing the same types of things before too. We discover that learning and growing in the Standards is a process and that it isn't about getting homework right the first time, but about understanding what we are doing and why.


It was a rich time for our class and I highly recommend this experience to help support standards. Correcting work together forces them to explain, debate ideas and defend their equations. It supports Math Practice Standard 3.


  An environment that accomodates mastery
  Accountability: An environment that accomodates mastery
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Dear Mrs. Kanthack: A letter from students about mastering Division Standards

Unit 9: Division Unit
Lesson 20 of 21

Objective: SWBAT examine, review and acknowledge what standards they will be assessed on for division.

Big Idea: Students collaborate to critique their review assignment and then use online, "Letter Generator" to write their teacher a letter explaining their goals on this upcoming test.

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