Reflection: Continuous Assessment Poetry: Scavenger Hunt Day 1 - Section 2: Review Dictionary


"Are there any terms that are particularly challenging?" Switch out 'terms' for sections, chapters, directions, etc to fit the purpose and ask this question often. Then, don't forget to listen to and respond to the replies from students. That cannot be said often enough or loud enough! If you are not aware of and responding to your students, are you really teaching? It is not much good to stick to a curriculum map and pacing guidelines if you are leaving the students behind. The really tough part is in finding balance by realizing which skills and concepts you will continue to encounter as the unit and school year go on. These instances offer additional opportunities for students to gain mastery. Remember, there is also no good in 'killing' a poem or story by dwelling on it too long.

  Remember to Listen!
  Continuous Assessment: Remember to Listen!
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Poetry: Scavenger Hunt Day 1

Unit 10: Poetry
Lesson 4 of 16

Objective: Identify and apply knowledge of figurative language found in poetry.

Big Idea: See if you can be the first to find the poetic devices hidden in these poems!

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