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I think today's lesson is crucial for students' comprehension of fiction.  Characterization is developed by events and details through how the characters interact with each other, things they think, do and say.  Initially, my students might state literal things their characters want and the details and events that let them know this.  I want to push them to analyze why the characters want these literal things so they can develop an understanding of their character's desires for universal themes such as love and belonging, safety, friendship and compassion.

In my demonstration I state that Mattie, the main character in the novel Hound Dog True wants

to feel safe, have friends, and have a strong relationship with her mom.  I could have just focused on one of these three, but to me all three are interrelated.  I think it is important for students to know that as readers we revise our thinking about what a character wants as we think deeply about the text and as we read more of the text and gather additional information.

  Developing Abstract Ideas
  Complex Tasks: Developing Abstract Ideas
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What does my character REALLY want?

Unit 3: Skills and Strategies
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Objective: SWBAT identify character motivation by paying attention to what characters say and do.

Big Idea: Students will grow theories and cite evidence about their characters

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