Reflection: Trust and Respect Bohr's Model and Valence Electrons - Section 2: Warm-up/Engage


The process of thinking like a scientist is difficult for students, but it is good to get them started early and remind them often about the process of science and how to think like a scientist. 

On this particular day I want students to realize that science builds on old concepts, and science is never perfect.  I want students to feel comfortable with the idea that it is okay not to be right and work with people to develop new ideas.  This is accomplished by getting students to see that Rutherford was only partially correct and Bohr helped expand his concept of the nucleus. 

In addition, I mention the Quantum Mechanical model, so that students can see that Bohr was not 100% accurate too.  This helps students build confidence about exploring new concepts and not knowing the answer.

  It's okay to not be right!
  Trust and Respect: It's okay to not be right!
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Bohr's Model and Valence Electrons

Unit 1: Unit 1-The Atom
Lesson 6 of 11

Objective: SWBAT explain our current understanding of the atom by citing evidence from experiments they conduct

Big Idea: Rutherford's experiment illustrates the nature of science and reveals the structure of the atom.

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