Reflection: Modeling Poetry Dictionary - Section 1: What is SHAMPOR?


A mnemonic is a technique for memorizing important information, like the types of figurative language in today's lesson. Some examples include acronyms and acrostics. The idea for teaching this lesson using a mnemonic device came from another grade 6 ELA teacher who had success with it in the past. I value these connections with colleagues and continue to draw from her wisdom and experience. Each year I find more ways to include memory devices in my teaching and as much as possible try to get students involved in their creation by talking through the process with them. Do the letters need to be in a certain order? Is random okay? Is the phrase you came up with clearly linked to something easy to remember?

  Modeling: Mnemonics
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Poetry Dictionary

Unit 10: Poetry
Lesson 2 of 16

Objective: Identify and apply knowledge of figurative language.

Big Idea: Create a mnemonic device for remembering types of figurative language.

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