Reflection: Perseverance Reflective Writing About You: Getting to Know You, Getting to Know How To Succeed in This Class - Section 4: Writing Prompt: How Was the World Created?


This prompt helps students develop an understanding of the ideas we address in our look at Native American Creation Myths, especially the ideas of how the world, life, man, etc. was created. It allows students to share their own beliefs, and experience has taught me that the two most likely answers will be either faith-based ("Book of Genesis") or scientific ("Big Bang Theory"). Getting students to share these beliefs helps build that sense of trust and community mentioned above, but it is also one of the most challenging activities for their first day of school. It's not uncommon for this activity--and it did this year--to be coupled with the students asking, "What am  I supposed to write?" The challenge I set for them is to take that belief they hold, and elaborate it into a narrative, not just three words; I encourage students to keep at it and remember paragraph structure in order to fill in the details.  

  What To Do When You Don't Have An Idea
  Perseverance: What To Do When You Don't Have An Idea
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Reflective Writing About You: Getting to Know You, Getting to Know How To Succeed in This Class

Unit 1: Literacy: In The Beginning There Was American Literature...Creation Myths & Creative Writing
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Objective: SWBAT practice initiation and participation in discussion and develop clear, coherent writing by taking part in our welcome activities: the routine syllabus review, a human scavenger hunt, and a journal reflection.

Big Idea: Surveys and Seating Charts and Syllabi. Oh my! Students will address one of the "Big Questions" for the year to get them thinking about their origins (their lives and goals), cultural origins (myths), and story origins (plot and themes).

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