Reflection: Perseverance Reflective Writing About You: Getting to Know You, Getting to Know How To Succeed in This Class - Section 3: Scavenger Hunt!


Presenting students with things to look for, but allowing them to find the resources they need (in this case, peers with knowledge), did provide the opportunity for students to get moving, and get talking to each other. But, more importantly, it introduced my students to one of my driving educational philosophies, presenting them with a problem and leaving them to locate the solution. Every year, students fail to notice the map hanging in the back of the room showing author's birthplaces. Pointing it out as we go through the questions provides a "teachable moment" in encouraging students to pay close attention to their surroundings, and pursue the answer or end result. I made it a point this tear to tie this into looking at footnotes and sidebars in the text. 

  Perseverance: Dropping Hints: Available Resources
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Reflective Writing About You: Getting to Know You, Getting to Know How To Succeed in This Class

Unit 1: Literacy: In The Beginning There Was American Literature...Creation Myths & Creative Writing
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Objective: SWBAT practice initiation and participation in discussion and develop clear, coherent writing by taking part in our welcome activities: the routine syllabus review, a human scavenger hunt, and a journal reflection.

Big Idea: Surveys and Seating Charts and Syllabi. Oh my! Students will address one of the "Big Questions" for the year to get them thinking about their origins (their lives and goals), cultural origins (myths), and story origins (plot and themes).

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