Reflection: Classroom Setup Extra! Extra! Learn All About Me! Establishing Norms for Speaking and Listening in Class - Section 4: Practice With Presenting


I like to use the Collaborative Learning Model for many reasons. One reason that supports today's lesson is students learn from one another. During this section of the lesson, I think it was important for students to have an opportunity to practice or apply what they've learned before being graded. Doing this among their peers in a small group setting, takes some of the pressure off and allows students to comfortably receive feedback from their classmates. What their peers think of them is very important to students so using this model and establishing expectations early on in the year, makes it effective and in my opinion reinforces what I'm teaching with the help of the students in the class.

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Extra! Extra! Learn All About Me! Establishing Norms for Speaking and Listening in Class

Unit 1: Establishing Routines
Lesson 3 of 3

Objective: SWBAT speak clearly and effectively to their peers about themselves, their interests, and ideas and topics that are important to them.

Big Idea: Students will understand the importance of communicating clearly in order to share thoughts and ideas effectively.

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