Reflection: High Quality Task Frankenstein on Trial - Section 5: Student Presentations


When students give these speeches I notice subtle differences and improvements in their speaking ability.  While our district does not offer a speech class, students are required to routinely give presentations in all their classes, and in some of their extra-curricular activities.  I make a point of critiquing the students after every speech, mentioning at least two positives and then addressing those areas which the student could quickly correct and an area that will require more practice.  Students are very attentive during this critiquing process and none of them have given me any negative feedback as to the critiques.  In fact, I notice students taking particular care with something like posture or volume because they just heard a student cautioned on that specific point.

Classroom speaking is a great summative assessment and can help integrate public speaking skills into the curriculum especially when it's not offered as a stand-alone course. 

  Public Speaking
  High Quality Task: Public Speaking
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Frankenstein on Trial

Unit 6: Frankenstein
Lesson 13 of 13

Objective: SWBAT analyze character motives

Big Idea: How does a character develop throughout a novel?

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frankenstein on trial
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