Reflection: Rigor Independent Reading Reflection Essay for Marking Period 1 - Section 3: Guided Directions: Reading Reflection


The Common Core says that my students need to read complex texts by the end of the year both independently and proficiently. When I first read this I was a little cautious to say the least. Is it really possible for all my students to read at the same level? I know my students. I know what they are and are not capable of. In a classroom of 15, 20, or 30 students we will easily get a wide variety of students and is it feasible to think that they can read the same text in the same way?

My gut reaction is no.

However, I think students can master complex texts based on what's challenging for them. We need to constantly push students to be read texts that are going to make them better readers. Sure it would be great if that was the same text, but I don't think that can easily be done given the time constraints we have as teachers. What can be done is to help students learn who they are as readers and this will then allow them to make decisions about complex texts. There is a fine line between a complex text that will help a reader grow and a book that is too challenging they will just shut down. What students need is a teacher who understands this and who can help them find the right book and help them to find ways to think about themselves as readers as this lesson does just that.

  Text Complexity
  Rigor: Text Complexity
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Independent Reading Reflection Essay for Marking Period 1

Unit 10: Independent Reading
Lesson 2 of 10

Objective: SWBAT write about their independent reading focusing on difficulty of books, goals, and reading rate.

Big Idea: Looking back at one marking period of independent reading to assess progress.

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