Reflection: Pacing An Introduction to Persepolis - Section 2: SSR/Classroom catch up


Have you every had one of those days when it feels like too many things need to be accomplished? Trust me...this happens more than I'd like to admit.

Today was one of those days. After we made our reading goals yesterday, my students were totally thrown off guard when we jumped back to Persepolis. We handed out the books on Tuesday and asked them to read the first 32 pages. Then we took a break to set up the norms of choice reading. This was too many directions for my sophomores to handle.

As I mentioned in my narrative, my teaching partner and I decided that we would let our students read Persepolis during their reading time, which seemed to relieve some of the panic. I'm a little worried, though, that by doing this, it will throw off some of their reading goals a little. I guess I shouldn't worry that much. I set up our reading time so that it could support students reading growth, which might mean they use that time to read books for class. We will be done with Persepolis by the end of next week. I'll be curious to see if this becomes more of a habit as we dive into our next class text, which is much more challenging. 

Here's hoping that my timing/grace returns soon...=)

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  Pacing: Slow Start to the Year
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An Introduction to Persepolis

Unit 2: Narrative Reading and Writing: Persepolis and Memoir
Lesson 1 of 11

Objective: SWBAT demonstrate their ability to come to discussions prepared by participating in collaborative work with the small groups about themes and tasks associated with reading and comprehending Persepolis.

Big Idea: In order to understand what you are reading, it is helpful to keep a written record of big ideas.

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