Reflection: Joy Comparing "TIME for Kids" and "TIME" Magazines - Section 2: Application


As I should have anticipated, but didn't, the kids start requesting different background music. Now that they're reading about all of these other bands, it makes sense to them that we sample some of the newer ones.  I love this idea, and I'm a good sport, but have an elementary aged daughter and know with certainty that there would be nothing good to come of playing a One Direction video.  Instead, I think it would be great to listen to the Jackson 5 while working!  Little did I know it, but these kids are familiar with the Jackson 5 thanks to Wii dance games, and can't help but get up and dance.  It was definitely fun, but after the song ended, it was back to the Beatles on low volume and back to work for the kids.  Moderation is the key! 

  Unexpected, but a bit of fun
  Joy: Unexpected, but a bit of fun
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Comparing "TIME for Kids" and "TIME" Magazines

Unit 13: Comparison City
Lesson 2 of 8

Objective: TSWBAT use the two informational texts to compare with questions and a Venn Diagram.

Big Idea: It's TIME to read. It's TIME to compare. It's TIME to write.

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