Reflection: Intervention and Extension Fishy Mixture Water Quality Inquiry Lab (Part 2/4) - Section 3: Explain


Students attempt to apply what they have learned about mixtures and the fishy mixture problem to the actual water sample. You will see a wide range of understanding at this point. Spend some time checking in with students to explicitly connect the learning from the Explore step to the inquiry of the Extend step. Assess student understanding through writing and orally, so that you can identify students that need intervention at this point. Depending on the level of intervention, I may host a study group for identified students. Be careful when doing this because students may feel disenfranchised from their groups by feeling like they are going to get "behind" or miss out on the fun of planning and building. In order to rectify this, I will give these students a copy of the work that is done while they are in the study group with me.

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  Intervention and Extension: Checking Understanding
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Fishy Mixture Water Quality Inquiry Lab (Part 2/4)

Unit 7: Physical and Chemical Changes
Lesson 2 of 7

Objective: SWBAT identify, classify and separate different types of mixtures based on physical and chemical properties of matter.

Big Idea: Students explore how complicated mixtures are all around us, affecting us in ways we rarely think about. While some mixtures help us, they may harm the environment.

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