Reflection: Lesson Planning Metaphoric vs Literal Meaning: A Study of Two Poems - Section 3: Student Work Time--Literal Meaning


As I review this student's annotated Wordsworth poem, I realize that I missed an important part of this metaphorical vs literal debate.  I didn't prepare them for symbolic meaning.  It is still early in the year and we haven't had a chance to really dive into symbols and what they can represent in the text. The young woman was really struggling with understanding the literal, the world is overwhelming and I need to take a step back, meaning of this poem and by looking at her annotations, I understand she was interpreting symbols as metaphors.  I need to be sure to address this in the coming weeks.   

  Student work reveals what I should have said
  Lesson Planning: Student work reveals what I should have said
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Metaphoric vs Literal Meaning: A Study of Two Poems

Unit 13: Reading The Soul: The Personal Essay and Poetry
Lesson 3 of 4

Objective: SWBAT determine the meaning of words in a text by examining their literal and metaphoric meaning.

Big Idea: Do authors always say exactly what they mean?

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