Reflection: Complex Tasks Day Two: Understanding Elements in Uncle Jabez Story through Plot Diagramming - Section 3: Independent Practice: Plotting the Events in a Fictional Story


The teaching of the Pre-Colonial Time Period is allowing students to understand how varying genres can add additional information and assumptions about a similar time in history. Allowing students to control their own learning in this lesson required them to use prior knowledge to understand what was taught or viewed in previous grades levels. When teaching this lesson in the future, I would also incorporate a video if students possessed difficulty in connecting plot elements to its definition in the hook activity. As a teacher, I am always looking for quick ways to assess student learning. The hook activity assesses students’ knowledge about the elements of plot in fictional stories. I love the interaction that I incorporate in my lessons because it creates a trusting environment for students and force them to rely on one another to complete learning tasks. Any reading selection can be used with this lesson to have students work through the processes of citing evidences related to the plot of a story. My selection for all literature selected in this two day lesson related to the historical time frame of the unit and adds additional knowledge for students about the settlers and Native Americans during this time.

  Plot Diagram Reflection
  Complex Tasks: Plot Diagram Reflection
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Day Two: Understanding Elements in Uncle Jabez Story through Plot Diagramming

Unit 2: Living Without
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Objective: SWBAT analyze how incidents in a story propel the action, characters, and decision of a main character.

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