Reflection: Rigor Buckling and Bending the Earth's Surface - Weathering Day 2 - Section 3: Explorations


It is imperative that students understand that scientific or technical drawing is not artwork. Often times, perfectionistic students will spend an inordinate amount of time blending colors to ensure that they are perfect. They sometimes want to add artistic license to the drawings as well. A good discussion with the class and then monitoring of this is necessary so students do not get hung up on this step of the observation process. In addition, students need to understand the difference between a quick sketch and a final product drawing. Often times in notebooks, I will ask for a quick sketch. Sometimes, when a final project is being completed, I will require a more in-depth drawing. This is sometimes hard for students to differentiate between. Again, just a reminder that this is an accurate sketch, not a project in itself may be necessary.

  Science Not Art
  Rigor: Science Not Art
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Buckling and Bending the Earth's Surface - Weathering Day 2

Unit 1: Weathering Wreaks Havoc
Lesson 3 of 10

Objective: Students will continue their observations from demonstrations set up the day before in Day 1 of this lesson plan.

Big Idea: Students will understand some of the weathering processes that influence the shape of the earth's crust.

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