Reflection: Connection to Prior Knowledge Using Post-its to "Capture" Thinking - Section 2: The Mini-Lesson


This lesson was very effective in developing students' understanding of what kinds of post-its they could write and why based on the level of book they are reading.  Activating and capturing the students attention with the video and pictures of the different kinds of spider webs allowed students to understand that their are different kinds of post-its too.  Just like different kinds of webs serve a different purpose students realized that they could be intentional about what kind of post-its they are writing and how they help them understand what they are reading and they help them to share with a partner.  Later, they will come to understand the post-its can be very helpful as a planning tool or pre write for reports and essays.

  Developing concepts
  Connection to Prior Knowledge: Developing concepts
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Using Post-its to "Capture" Thinking

Unit 3: Skills and Strategies
Lesson 3 of 10

Objective: SWBAT generate ideas while reading and capture them!

Big Idea: What Should Students Write on Their Post-its?

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