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All students, whether ELL or resource or not, need complex vocabulary disseminated for them BEFORE being exposed to the text.

Create picture vocabulary cards and physical responses for the kids to attach to before reading the text. Then, when they encounter the vocabulary, show the picture and do the action. This helps the kids connect to text an to the meaning of complex vocabulary. Most of these words are level 2 or 3 on Marzano's vocabulary pyramid. The kids cannot understand the information being presented if they are not able to understand the key vocabulary.

Provide your kids a foundation of success by making the meanings of the words accessible to them before they rely on them to learn content.

  Frontload unknown vocabulary
  ELL Students: Frontload unknown vocabulary
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What is a Scientist?

Unit 1: Getting Started (Frontloading Science)
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Objective: SWBAT understand and explain what a scientist is by providing examples of what scientists do.

Big Idea: Many kids have no prior exposure or understanding of science before entering kindergarten. This lesson introduces the concept of science and provides a basic understanding of what the life of a scientist is like.

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