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I first saw Shape Monsters pinned on Pinterest.  (I LOVE Pinterest!  It's one of my very favorite things.)  The Shape Monsters looked so cute, (and, of course, I'm a sucker for cute!), but I really wanted to be sure the kiddos were realizing that they were using shapes to create their monsters.  If they counted the shapes they used and recorded them on the back, even better!

Sometimes people say that Common Core and a "pushing down" of content standards is not developmentally appropriate or that it's treating kindergartners like first graders, I think about lessons like this.  This lesson is meets Common Core content standards, yet children are using shapes in a fun, lively, creative way... and practicing their numbers!  Common Core can absolutely be developmentally appropriate and fun!

Next time I do this lesson--and I will absolutely do this lesson next year--I think I may make small rectangles (maybe 1" X 2-1/2") for teeth, so students have a choice.  They could have buck-toothed monsters!  I might even make shape jack o'lantern's for Halloween!  Any time the students are so actively engaged and excited about their work, I know I'm on to something good!

  The importance of creativity
  The importance of creativity
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Shape Monsters!

Unit 4: Oh, Those Shapes!
Lesson 5 of 10

Objective: SWBAT assemble shapes in the shape of a monster, and record the number of each shape on the back of the Shape Monster.

Big Idea: Kindergartners love making things, and ths activity allows them to create a unique shape monster and practice numbers recording the shapes used.

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