Reflection: Diverse Entry Points "Social Issues"Interactive Read Aloud: An Angel for Solomon Singer - Section 2: Read Aloud


Asking students to retell the story using the template after hearing the teacher read it aloud to them supported students in their independent work.

The nice thing about the template is it structures the students written retell.   It indentifies the "main character" and what he "wanted". What a character wants is usually the heart of the story and the rest of the events turn around it.  The 'but" section of the template guides students to think about what gets in the way of the character getting what he/she wants.  The "so" helps the students synthesize the events that happen next.  The "then" section helps the students add in the ending of the story.

The students had time to think about what went into each section at the end of the mini-lesson.  At their seats they were able to retell the story because they could use the template to help them focus on the turning points of the story.

The somebody but so then could be also used as students retell a picture book across their fingers. Oral retell is a planning strategy to support writing.  IT helps students get their words together.  The work withVTS helps students pay attention to the pictures and notice how they bring in the feeling tone of the story.  They learned that the words and the pictures together tell this story.

  Diverse Entry Points: Using the Pictures to Support Comprehension
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"Social Issues"Interactive Read Aloud: An Angel for Solomon Singer

Unit 5: Using Mentor Texts
Lesson 4 of 9

Objective: SWBAT make a prediction, revise their thinking, notice what changes in the story and cite evidence.

Big Idea: Students Accumulate and Synthesize Text across a Picture Book: Theme, Prediction and Change

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