Reflection: Trust and Respect Researching and Writing Honor Codes - Section 3: Writing your own Honor Code


I am a big fan of honor codes.  My college had us write the honor code on tests.  A high school where I worked did the same thing.  It was simple, something like "On my honor, I promise that I did not give or receive help on this assignment." 

That's a nice one.  But maybe my honor code would be even shorter.  After all, so many honor codes try to eliminate ambiguities, but is there really anything ambiguous about being honest?

My honor code would go like this:  "I promise that this is my work."  Critics would say that students could argue that cutting and pasting or downloading is work.   I disagree.  A one-sentence honor code cuts to the heart of the matter. Schools are for learning and working.  A simple statement is enough.

  What My Honor Code Would Say
  Trust and Respect: What My Honor Code Would Say
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Researching and Writing Honor Codes

Unit 17: Mini Unit: Academic Dishonesty
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Objective: SWBAT identify and use language appropriate for constructing an honor code. SWBAT craft honor codes that reflect what they value in the classroom experience.

Big Idea: Everyone is doing it...and by "it," I mean writing an honor code!

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