Reflection: Real World Applications Modified Jigsaw: Cheating in School - Section 2: Video: Cheating


Today, I had a film crew in my classroom, so we talked about the lesson after the students left.  What surprised all of us was how "flexible" some of the students were about the idea of cheating.  It's not that they thought cheating was right; it was that some students thought it was justified, if the reason was good enough.

Their definition of a good reason?  Parental pressure.

While I understand where both the kids and the parents are coming from, when it comes to the cause and effect of parental pressure, I do think the parents would be horrified if they knew that their kids were justifying cheating to get by.

The film crew, made up of three 23ish-looking people, were a little taken aback too.  So, it's not just me.  I am not trying to say that kids are all dishonest and shifty, but it is interesting to see how flexible some of them are about their interpretation of rules and standards.

  Cheating is OK, sometimes, right?
  Real World Applications: Cheating is OK, sometimes, right?
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Modified Jigsaw: Cheating in School

Unit 17: Mini Unit: Academic Dishonesty
Lesson 1 of 2

Objective: SWBAT identify and evaluate the claims put forth in nonfiction articles about the cheating "epidemic" in American's schools.

Big Idea: Cheaters never win...or do they? Let's check it out.

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