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Inevitably I get students that move at all different paces, so this lesson presents some challenges in dealing with that. Students who have a really strong knowledge of acceleration will breeze through this lesson and the homework in no time. On one occasion I even had a student that finished the reading and homework with almost 15 full minutes left in class. What I do for advanced students like these is keep several copies of a practice AP book in the back of the room. Something like Barron's is a go-to resource for me if students finish an activity early. These students can go to the back of the room with their notebook, open the book to a practice test, and start working on questions. I have them record their answers and the problem number in their notebook so that in future situations they remember where they are in the book.

Students with learning disabilities may be at the opposite end of the spectrum as the student described above, and then I slightly modify the assignment. The modification might involve printing a copy of The Physics Classroom website for him/her to take home if additional time is needed. Also in the past, I've had students that had trouble identifying key points even with the guiding document. When this happens, I have the student proceed through the activity and homework and then I meet with the student outside of class to ensure he/she has recorded the proper concepts. Regardless of the disability, I always allow students that did not finish the task to leave with a copy of the homework since it would not benefit the student to fall behind.

  The Fast & The Slow
  Advanced Students: The Fast & The Slow
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Amazing Acceleration

Unit 1: 1-D Kinematics
Lesson 3 of 9

Objective: Students will explore the concept of acceleration by taking notes and solving practice problems.

Big Idea: Today we define acceleration and connect it to velocity.

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