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Let's face it - using computers and more specifically an illuminated screen is engaging for our students.  I'm waiting for the day that a school district figures out how to productively utilize students smart phones for the purpose of learning content because engagement is already happening!  

For reviewing the scores, gives me several options that I find very user friendly. Student responses are visually represented for multiple choice, true/false and Short Answer questions. For pre-planned activities a I can view reports online as a google spreadsheet or as an emailed Excel file.  I just started exploring this option as well.  

The only drawback with this site or using computer assisted instruction for an assessment is that there are always those students that for some reason cannot log on.  To prepare for this I always have hard copies of the assessment ready to pass out. Provisioning is essential!

  Differentiated Instruction
  Adaptive Technology: Differentiated Instruction
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Determining Central Ideas and Details in Chapters 1 -3 Using

Unit 9: Of Mice and Men
Lesson 8 of 15

Objective: SWBAT determine central ideas and details of the story and analyze its development over chapters 1-3 by taking a quiz on SWBAT analyze how the complex characters develop over chapters 1-3, and their interactions with other characters, and advance the plot.

Big Idea: Students use to demonstrate how the characters interact and advance the plot in Of Mice and Men.

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English / Language Arts, Reading, language choice, realism, Literature, Literary Response and Analysis, literary journal, analyze details, historical context clues, historical background, Aristotle, quotations
  75 minutes
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