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When I was a kid, my classrooms were quiet.  Actually, they were often silent.  That may have bothered a lot of kids, but I loved it.  I found it relaxing.  Of course, once I got older, left private school and eventually went to high school, things changed some, but sat at your desk and you did your work (and prayed for an A/V cart to show up, once in a while.)

Today, school is not like that, and that's a good thing (for the most part.)  Kids interact, cooperate, collaborate, and develop social skills.  They use technology and "get their hands dirty" with real projects.  Don't get me wrong, I am down with all that.

But, still.  The chaos freaks me out a little.  I don't mind when it's contained in the classroom, but when it leaks all over the school, I worry.  I pace and monitor.  I am relieved when it's over.

I know it's good for them.  And it's good for me, too.  I am making friends with the chaos.  We just aren't that close, yet.

  Making friends with Chaos
  Joy: Making Friends with Chaos
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Book Commercial Work Session: Computer Lab and Filming

Unit 11: Censorship in 2013: Gearing up for Banned Books Week
Lesson 5 of 5

Objective: SWBAT create compelling scripts and commercials in support of their favorite books.

Big Idea: Making two-minute commercials takes time management, cooperation...and some inspiration wouldn't hurt, either!

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English / Language Arts, film projects, developing arguments, books, debate, Banned Books, censorship
  75 minutes
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