Reflection: Diverse Entry Points Discussion Tic Tac Toe - Section 1: Students complete a "tic tac toe" section of the questions


This year, I have been taking classes for my G/T certifications.  One of the classes focused on SKLD's -- smart kids with learning differences, also known as "twice exceptional."  As I read more about adapting instruction and accommodating those learners, I realize that a lot of the so-called accommodations are really, just good instructional practices.

This lesson is a good example of my attempt to try to incorporate opportunities for student choice and extension (by having students choose their questions), but also allowing for the scaffolding to be built into the lesson as a central component (through having students choose three out of nine questions to answer.)

As a teacher, it is really hard to find the right balance of accommodating student differences and not having floating standards.  The question that I have to ask myself regularly is "What is the focus of this lesson?" Though I try to make lessons with a lot of layers, it's a good habit to remind myself that everything is not equally important.  I think every lesson has something in it that cannot be missed.  If I can accomplish that objective through adapting the lesson, then I should make that attempt.

  Adaptations for SKLD
  Diverse Entry Points: Adaptations for SKLD
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Discussion Tic Tac Toe

Unit 16: A Separate Peace
Lesson 6 of 8

Objective: SWBAT work through ideas about the novel by prepping for, and engaging in, a discussion with their peers.

Big Idea: Good preparation leads to good discussion.

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English / Language Arts, Literature, Reading Fluency, Writing Process, Poetry, theme (Reading Comp), novel, making connections, analyzing characters, film, writing & conferencing
  50 minutes
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