Reflection: Discourse and Questioning Thinking and Acting Like a Scientist - Section 1: Question of the Day


I went through a couple of question frames before deciding on "when do we act like scientists". I considered: What does a scientist do? Who is a scientist? How do scientists act? but these seemed external ... the questions asked students to consider someone other than themselves. I want them to see themselves as scientists and recognize how they already think and act like a scientist.

I considered that they may only give me a reference frame when answering the question 'when', but I can follow it up with what were you doing when you were looking at plants or thinking when you were digging in the sand. So when we start the lab, students have articulated actions of a when they were acting like a scientist and I can connect their schemas to some of the academic vocabulary.

  Developing a concept question
  Discourse and Questioning: Developing a concept question
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Thinking and Acting Like a Scientist

Unit 1: Our Scientific Community
Lesson 1 of 3

Objective: SWBAT describe different aspects of the scientific method.

Big Idea: What's in the blue box? Through discovery students explore aspects of what a scientist does and are introduced to vocabulary of scientific inquiry.

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