Reflection: Real World Applications Crafting Leads an Audience Will Follow Part 2 - Section 1: Warm Up


I pride myself in bringing the "real world" into my classroom as often as I can.  My students are at the age where they are not aware of so many issues that are important in our world.

It is my job to nurture their growth as readers and writers, but if they can read and write, but have no vision for what to do with those skills to make the world better, I see myself as a failure.

I'm sure there are folks who would say I am off topic when I have warm up activities like this, but in my opinion, days like today are great.  Not only are they part of a larger project taken on my our school, but they are able to see beyond their own window.

  Shine a Light on Slavery
  Real World Applications: Shine a Light on Slavery
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Crafting Leads an Audience Will Follow Part 2

Unit 10: Argument - Part 2
Lesson 9 of 17

Objective: SWBAT write a interesting, catchy lead for their own argument piece.

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