Reflection: Diverse Entry Points Developing Friendships and Community - Section 2: Group Work


As I watched the video from this lesson I noticed some problems with the set up that I will do differently in the future.  

#1:  The groups were too big.  I had about 9 students in each group.  The reason there were so many in each group was due to having students  only create 3 anchor charts.

*Ways to Maintain Friendships

*Ways to start a Conversation

*Characteristics of a Good Friend

The activity would have been much better if I would have created 3x  the number of anchor charts. Nine instead of three anchor charts; then, there would have only been three students in each group.  I could have had multiple posters of the same topic.  

#2:  Since the groups were too big, not all students actively participated.  Having smaller groups would have fixed this problem

#3:  I needed to differentiate the topics and created a chart that said for example, "Fun things friends do together" and "Things friends sometimes do that are hurtful".  Then I could have strategically placed students into the differentiated poster groups.  The two boys who did not share in the group "Ways to start a conversation" would have been very successful in the "Fun things friends do together" group because they would have easily thought of things to write.  Also, I have a few girls who would have benefited from being in the "Things friends sometimes do that are hurtful" group because they sometimes are hurtful to each other.

#4:  Next time I will write an example idea in a complete sentence at the top of the anchor chart.  This will show the students to write a whole idea in a complete sentence.  I noticed on the chart "Characteristics of a Good Friend" that students had written only one word, "polite".  I would have liked to see them write, "Friends are good to each other by being polite and sharing" for example.

  Diverse Entry Points: Fostering Awareness of Behavior: Group Dynamics
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Developing Friendships and Community

Unit 2: Developing Classroom Climate Through Routines
Lesson 10 of 15

Objective: SWBAT create and share anchor charts relating to creating and maintaining friendships with classmates

Big Idea: Build the Classroom Community to Support Students Emotionally and Academically

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